Bay House is nestled in a pristine bay on the edge of Punta Estrada, the exclusive Puerto Ayora neighborhood on the stunning Galapagos island of Santa Cruz.

Home to Furio Valbonesi and his delightful dog Tornado, this charming self-catering villa is available for short term rental for families and groups of up to 8 people.

“I invite you to explore the myriad wonders of Galapagos’ unique eco-system from the comfort of my home.

In the house’s bay you will be able to explore with the kayak or swimming from the house’s dock, the love channel, the “Playa de los Perros”,sea turtles, sea lions, marine iguanas, manta rays, baby sharks, blue footed boobies, frigate birds, myriad of fishes and more.

Just behind the villa starts the path to the famous “Las Grietas, passing by the Salt lagoon where at sunset you can see the lava gulls and sometimes, a few flamingos. Or take the opposite path to “la Playa de los Alemanes”. All just minutes away from the villa.

Since first arriving on the islands in 1973, it has been my dream to create a home in this secluded corner of paradise.

Ten years ago this dream became reality and for the past few years I opened the doors to visitors from across the world.

Do take a look around this website for a taste of what is in store for you, should you choose Bay House as your base for visiting the islands.”

Furio Valbonesi