Baltra Airport

The airport for Santa Cruz island

During World War II, Baltra was established as a US Air Force Base. Crews stationed at Baltra patrolled the Pacific for enemy submarines, and protected the mouth of the Panama Canal. After the war the facilities were given to the government of Ecuador. Today the island continues as an official military base.

Until 1986, Baltra was the only airport serving the Galapagos. Now one of two airports, those passengers arriving on Tame, Aerogal and Lan will land here. Upon arrival passengers must show their passport, INGALA Visitor Control Card and pay their Galapagos National Park Fees at the kiosk. Their hand luggage will then be inspected to insure no foreign plants or animals are being imported.Baltra does not have any visitor sites.

TAME operates flights twice daily to Baltra and Aerogal and Lan operates flights once or twice per day to Baltra.

A free Shuttle Bus Service is available to and from the Airport to the narrow Itabaca Channel that separate Baltra from Santa Cruz . There a boat will transfer you to Santa Cruz Island (around 80 cents ) where taxis and Buses are available for the transfer to Puerto Ayora,the main village.